How to Replant Succulents? Complete Guide

There are a few reasons why you would want to replant your succulents and in this article, I’ll talk about each of the reasons and share tips on how to replant succulents successfully.

We have discovered that there is always something new to learn, regardless of how long you have grown succulents or even if you have just begun.

Thus to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, you can easily care for your plants with some basics to allow everything to fall in place.

When is It Time to Replant Succulents?

So when is it the right time to replant succulents? Several indicators can help you make this determination, though. Nevertheless, before the growing season begins is always the best time to repot a healthy plant.

From early spring to early fall, this occurs. As a result, your succulent varieties have a few weeks to recover from the repotting. Here are some telltale signs that most succulents require a new residence.

How to Replant Succulents?

How to Replant Succulents

Since succulents have robust, fibrous root systems that develop at a shallow level in the soil, transplanting or replanting them can be a simple procedure.

To avoid severing the outer root ball fibers, simply use a trowel to dig around the plant. Excess dirt should be removed.

Replant the succulent in a different container that you’ve filled with sand, pebbles, and a soil mixture designed to encourage new growth in the particular variety of succulent you’ve chosen.

Before starting your watering routine, wait a few days for the roots to establish themselves in their new location.

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Succulent Care Tips

You are already well on your way to success once you replant your succulents correctly using all the above steps.

However, the following advice is equally crucial if you want your succulents to keep growing strong and gorgeous.

Water Deeply Versus Just Misting

Using a spray bottle to simply mist succulents is fairly common, but it is ineffective.

The secret is to water deeply and sparingly rather than continuously misting the plants.

Get on a Watering Schedule

Succulents generally do not require frequent watering because they can withstand drought conditions and store water in their leaves.

A succulent that has been submerged in water will almost always survive, but one that has been overwatered will rot.

Therefore, it is best to start off by only watering every two to three weeks and work your way down to perhaps once or twice a week to see what is needed.

The weather will also have an impact on all of this.

For instance, in the summer when it’s sweltering hot, you can typically water once or twice a week and be fine.

However, during the winter you might only require monthly watering.

Treat Pests Immediately If Spotted

Mealybugs are a typical succulent pest, so it’s crucial to get rid of them as soon as you can if you do find them.

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Final Thoughts: How to Replant Succulants

When replanting your succulents, it is not too hard when you have some basic guidelines. With any luck, the aforementioned replanting advice will make reporting simpler.

You’ll be surprised to see how beautifully your succulent grows once you give it a new home.