Grow Room Cost Calculator: Everything You Need To Know

Want to build a grow room but are not sure about the total cost? Then you are in the right place! We will introduce all key considerations in the cost calculation.

A grow room cost calculator is important for proper planning. Calculating the cost of electricity your crops will consume can be very confusing. But with the right knowledge, you can solve this problem.

So, that’s why we’re discussing room cost calculators so you guys can properly plan your indoor garden. So, let’s discuss a grow room cost calculator.

How Much Would A Grow Room Cost?

The cost of a grow room usually depends on a few factors. You need to take into account all the equipment and supplies to determine the cost of what you will use in the grow room. But you can read below for a brief overview of the cost of a grow room.

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2000 sq ft grow room

Factor To Determine Grow Room Cost

  • Light

Grow lights are essential to an indoor cost calculator. So, when it gets brighter. We have two of the most common types and they are Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and High-Intensity Discharges (HIDs). LED grow lights generally cost more, while HIDs are moderately priced.

However, high-intensity gas discharge lamps emit a lot of heat and can add to your climate control costs. On the other hand, LEDs don’t generate much heat. They are only more expensive. However, LED grow lights may consume more electricity, allowing you to end up saving more money.

  • Climate Control and Temperature

When it comes to controlling temperature & humidity in grow room, you need to have the upper hand. This is because climate control tends to have a favorable effect on plant health and profit. This is especially important when it comes to temperature. Air circulation and humidity are also other climatic conditions to consider.

Therefore, you should put things like fans, air conditioners, etc.

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  • Irrigation

It’s even possible to water by hand in your grow room; utilizing an ideal irrigation system will make things easier. Also, the ideal irrigation system will deliver the right amount of water to each of your plants.

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Top 3 Costs in Building Out a New Cultivation Space

  • Planning + Drawings: Make an investment in architectural plans and work with engineers to take care of the county and city permits. The timeline and scope of your project can be significantly impacted by this stage, making it the most crucial.
  • Lighting: The initial costs of the lighting equipment will be high if you decide to invest in vertical racks and LEDs. It’s one of the major upfront costs for the buildout, but in the long run, the energy, electricity costs, and space efficiency will make up for it.
  • Grow Equipment: The list includes Pipp Vertical Racks, plumbing, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and more. A cultivation facility requires a lot of time and money to prepare all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies.

Developing your cannabis business to the next level involves a lot of costs. You must take into account the setup cost for commercial cannabis grow rooms as one of your most crucial expenses.

Before we determine your exact grow room setup cost and calculate possible grow yields, consider these benefits of vertical farming:

  • High Density and Anti-Microbial Products The maximum length and height of Pipp’s mobile vertical grow racks are 56′ and 23′, respectively (systems longer than that require engineering approval). A beam can bear up to 2,150 lbs. Over 17,000 lbs can be supported by uprights. Our products have a white, UV-stable powder coat finish that includes additives that are anti-microbial and fungus-resistant.
  • Easy Integration The integration of vertical grow racks with other crucial grow equipment, such as lighting, irrigation, drainage, and airflow systems, is made simple. As a result, a seamless, effective, and profitable grow operation is produced.
  • Lower Costs Due to our factory direct sales channel, using Pipp Horticulture’s vertical grow racks puts you in direct contact with our company. We create specifically for you to avoid wasting resources. To ensure effective grow space and workflow at reasonable prices, Pipp’s CAD team will prepare room drawings of your facility, including elevations of the vertical grow systems.

How to Calculate Grow Room Cost?

However, before we start to calculate the main equation for the total cost, you must understand the following factors that will help you calculate the total cost.

500 sq ft grow room
  • Electricity Cost

Electricity costs may vary by region. Therefore, you can confirm an accurate electricity bill once based on where you live. While the national average in the U.S. is $0.12, Canada is $0.10. You can get a general idea of ​​the situation from it.

To get the exact cost, though, you need to know the electricity bill for your specific location.

  • Number of hours

That is the number of hours per day you run your power tool or appliance. For example, growers typically keep their grow lights on for 18 hours during the vegetative growth phase. Meanwhile, some growers also choose to use grow lights for up to 24 hours to promote plant growth in the garden.

Apart from that, if you have other tools in your garden like rotary fans, and exhaust fans then you have to consider them too.

So you have to know how long you will be running your grow lights.

  • Watt

This is the power consumption of your power tools and appliances. Don’t worry, you don’t have to calculate this. Because the power is already written on the device by the manufacturer.

Even when buying a grow light, you can check the product description for the exact wattage of the grow light.

Once you know the wattage of your grow light, divide it by 1000 to convert the value to kilowatts (kW).

With all of the above factors in mind, now, you can start calculating your garden’s electricity bill.

The equation to calculate the total electricity cost is:

Total Cost = Electricity x Hours x (Watts/1000)

In this equation, you can easily calculate the cost of electricity instantly.

Other equipments such as fans, pumps, etc. need to be considered when doing a full calculation.

So don’t forget the other appliances in the garden when calculating the total cost of electricity, be sure to take them into account along with the growing lights.

Do Grow Lights Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The amount of electricity used by grow lights generally depends on the type of grow light used. The most common grow lights known to indoor growers are Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and High-Intensity Discharges (HIDs).


Although LED grows lights are generally more expensive than HID grow lights, LED grow lights generally consume less wattage than HID grow lights. LEDs also provide bright light with less power. On the other hand, HID consumes more watts and is not as bright,

How to Reduce Electricity Bills?

Grow devices use most of the electricity. Especially when you are in a medium to large-scale development.

So, to keep your electricity costs down, you can follow these tips, which will help:

Choose the right lighting

Grow lights are the most dominant appliances and get most of the cost of electricity.

Therefore, you need to invest in higher quality grow light.

If you really want to grow your plants in the best possible way while saving some money, then we recommend investing in LED grow lights.

LEDs are a better choice than other options.

These LED grow lights use almost half the power of other heavy-duty grow lights while offering better output. Plus, they last a long time, enabling you to use them in multiple growing seasons.

Therefore, you do not need to replace or change the growing light after each harvest.

On top of that, LED grow lights also help reduce electricity bills due to their lower power consumption. For example, if other grow lights cost more than $100 for electricity, you might only pay $50-60 with LED lights.

So, the first step to lowering your garden electricity costs is to use the best-LED light.

Choosing the Right Weed Variety

The longer the electrical equipment runs, the higher the cost. Over time, your device consumes power.

Therefore, you need to choose weed varieties with shorter flowering periods. This means that if your stress builds up faster, then it ends up saving hours of electrical equipment usage, saving on electricity costs.

In general, if you want to save on electricity bills, an 8-week bloom period is ideal. Fortunately, there are multiple strains available during this flowering period.

Schedule photoperiods

If your variety is capable and you already provide a 24/0 light schedule during the plant growth phase, then you can switch to an 18/6 light schedule. This will reduce the run time of the “grow light” and, moreover, your plants will grow healthier.

Remove extra equipment

Sometimes overexcited growth enthusiasts tend to get more growth equipment than they need. For example, if your climate is not too harsh or hot, then you may not need an additional fan in your garden to maintain airflow. Because the climate is good.

So you can remove extra equipment from your growing area while keeping your plants healthy. This will eventually allow you to save some electricity costs that you might spend unnecessarily.

Growing an auto flower strain

Self-flowering lines are usually fast lines. They will be ready for harvest in 3 months or less. You can also search for the fastest cannabis strains on the market. You will find many options. Choose any of them for fast growth and lower electricity costs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Have a Grow Room?

The average cost, minimally speaking, it around $1,800. However, starting a small business with few plants comes with other expenses as well. The price of electricity is another consideration. However, it goes beyond that.

Do Grow Lamps Use a Lot of Electricity?

My monthly cost for a 20W grow light that is on for 12 hours is 1.15USD. I’ll spend 2.3 USD per month on electricity running a 40W grow light for the same number of hours. Your electricity bill will increase as the wattage increases. A specific amount of electricity is used by all grow lights.

How Police Find Grow Rooms?

The police can look into grow houses using specialized equipment. They may use drones to take videos of the property. Additionally, heat sensing technology might be employed. It is necessary to keep marijuana plants under horticulture lamps, which significantly raise the temperature inside grow rooms.

How Many Plants Can I Grow in a 10×10 Room?

The 10′ x 10′ Indoor Grow Rooms will house up to 32 medium plants or about 24 or so if you want them to get bigger than normal.

Do Grow Lights Increase Your Electric Bill?

A light system will increase your electricity cost: the exact amount depends on the size of the system and the number of hours operated. The majority of grow lights are extremely energy-efficient, so you get a lot of light (and growing power) for your money.

Is a Grow Room Better Than a Tent?

Since a grow room provides you with much more real estate than a grow tent, you can easily grow different crops under the same room or even grow a huge batch of the same crop.

Final Words on Grow Room Cost

The Grow Room Cost Calculator helps you calculate your budget for growing weeds. This is an important step that growers should not miss. Because with a grow room cost calculation, you can know how much you need to invest.

Well, now that you know how to do it, luckily you’ll have a better idea of gardening costs next time. Want to learn more about grow room? Read our post on how to heat a grow room.