When to Water Succulents? Everything You Need to Know

Find out when to water succulents so they can flourish in your home and yard.

Getting the watering schedule just right for succulents can feel difficult because they typically require less watering than other houseplants.

Although succulents can withstand drought conditions, it is possible to both underwater and overwater them, so our guide has the knowledge you need to keep them happy and healthy.

When to Water Succulents?

Learning how to care for succulents isn’t hard, but it’s when it comes to watering that things often go wrong.

The season of the year definitely counts in considering when to water succulents. Succulent watering needs can change at different times of the year depending on the weather.

Due to the warmer temperatures and longer days, spring and summer are typically the busiest growing seasons for succulents. During these seasons, you’ll notice that your plant uses water more quickly, necessitating more frequent watering.

When to Water Succulents

During the winter, most indoor succulents go into a natural rest period and only require water once in a while. In the winter, it’s typical to water succulents once every four to six weeks. Overwatering may be indicated by yellow or droopy leaves.

If you’ve ever wondered “Why is my succulent dying?’, it is likely to be a problem with the watering – especially in hotter months when your plant may become overheated.

However, as the experts caution, it is possible to overwater your succulents in the winter. As a result, keep in mind to water less frequently during cooler months and pay attention to how well your plant’s leaves are doing.

How Often to Water Your Succulent?

So how often should you water succulent?

Generally speaking, succulents are so good at storing water that they can go one to two weeks between watering during spring and summer and two to three weeks in fall and winter.

People who are knowledgeable about plants, however, typically advise doing away with rigid schedules and watering succulents in a more intuitive manner.

Signs of Overwatering

Some signs that you’ve gone too far and given your succulent more water than it can store include squishy, mushy, brown leaves and soil that never feels completely dry.

Avoid overwatering your succulent by planting it in a mix of well-draining soil that contains larger particles like rocks and bark, allowing it enough time between waterings, making sure it has a drainage hole, and providing it with enough light to begin photosynthesis and begin converting that water into energy.

Final Words: When to Water Succulents

We all know that plants need water to grow, and while succulents may need less water than other plants, they are no exception!

Succulents are accustomed to dry conditions and necessitate less watering in general than tropical houseplants.

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How Much Water Do Succulents Need Per Week?

You should water your succulents every other week during non-winter months when temperatures are above 40 degrees.

Do You Water Succulents from the Top Or Bottom?

Until it empties the pot’s drainage hole, water is being supplied from above.

How Often to Water Succulents in Summer?

If your succulents are outside or in a greenhouse during the summer, you will want to water them about once a week.