Autoflower Vs Feminized: Differences You Should Know

If you’re curious about cannabis seeds — particularly autoflower vs. feminized — then you’ve come to the right place.

Which grows the fastest, produces the nastiest buds, and is better? Which is the easiest to maintain?

So, everything you need to know about the distinction between feminized and autoflowering seeds will be covered in this article.

What Are Autoflower Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflower cannabis seeds are a popular choice for beginners as they bloom automatically, are easier to cultivate, smaller in size, and are quicker to harvest than feminized seeds.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

They provide a perfect entry point for beginners into cannabis growing because they also need a straightforward lighting schedule and are more resistant to temperature changes, pests, and fungi.

Autoflower seeds today produce female plants that produce the smokeable cannabis that most growers seek, just like feminized seeds do.

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What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

While autoflowers require less attention and allow for quicker harvests, feminized cannabis seeds come with their own set of advantages. Naturally, using feminized seeds means you won’t have to worry about growing male plants, which won’t yield high-THC and CBD cannabis that can be smoked.

With feminized seeds, you can anticipate larger plants and a higher yield, with the smokeable cannabis frequently being more potent than cannabis grown from autoflowering seeds.

Most serious growers choose to grow with feminized seeds because of the higher yield and the fact that they can be cloned (autoflowers cannot, so you will have to buy new seeds every time), and they are not deterred by the fact that they need more space, more care, and a more demanding lighting schedule.

Autoflower Vs. Feminized: What Are the Differences

The main differences between feminized and autoflower are listed below.

1. Autoflowering Seeds Can Be Male Or Female

The primary distinction between autoflower vs. feminized seeds is that the autoflowering seeds can produce either male or female plants.

Since there is a 50% chance that the seed you plant will produce a male plant and a 50% chance that it will produce a female plant, autoflowering seeds are more similar to regular seeds in this respect.

And the only way to distinguish between the two is to plant them and wait for them to sprout.

If you decide to grow plants from autoflowering seeds, keep a close eye out for male plants and remove them from the herd as soon as you see them.

You won’t have to worry that the female plants will get pollinated and produce seed, which would reduce the number and potency of their flowers (an undesirable outcome), if you get rid of the male plants before they can pollinate the females.

2. Autoflowering Seeds Produce Smaller Harvests

Although plants grown from autoflowering seeds are great for growing in small spaces because of their size, their short stature means that they yield smaller harvests.

That might not seem like a bad thing at all. However, regular seeds or feminized seeds are better if you want to get as many edible buds off of each plant as possible.

These varieties have more space to grow numerous flowers because they grow much larger than autoflowering plants.

3. Feminized Seeds Have Higher Potency

The plants produced from feminized seeds are much more potent than those produced from autoflowering seeds because they are devoid of the cannabis ruderalis genes.

During the flowering stage, feminized seed plants focus their energy on the flowers rather than the stems and leaves.

Cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid production are all boosted by the extra metabolic energy that is now available rather than being used to produce seeds.

A stronger psychedelic effect results from more THC. A stronger medicinal experience results from more CBD. Additionally, a final product with more terpenes and flavonoids will also taste and smell better.

4. Feminized Seeds Take Longer to Reach Maturity

Depending on the type of cannabis you plant and the environmental conditions in which it’s grown, autoflowering plants reach maturity after 75 days (2.5 months)

The maturation period for plants grown from feminized seeds, however, can range from 120 to 240 days (4 to 8 months).

Which Seed Type is Best for You?

I’m glad you learned about the differences between feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Both types of seeds have specific benefits and disadvantages, making this choice during the growing process crucial.

In general, autoflowers work well for new growers and those looking for a quick yield, while feminized seeds are preferred by more seasoned cultivators who want the most potency and yield possible from their crop.

It is important to note that whether you choose feminized or autoflowering seeds, you can expect a good yield of smokeable cannabis if your seeds are of high quality.

Final Words on Autoflower Vs Feminized

So the differences between autoflower and feminised cannabis seeds are not that complicated.

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, you’ll quickly discover that the more knowledge you have, the more likely it is that you’ll enjoy the grow process and achieve the kinds of yields you’ve been hoping for. We sincerely hope that this article was useful.

Happy growing!


Which is Better for Indoor/outdoor Cultivation?

While feminized seeds are better for outdoor cultivation, autoflowering seeds are better for indoor cultivation.In general, feminized seeds produce plants that are larger and taller than autoflowers. But keep in mind: Bigger pots typically allow for bigger plants and bigger buds, regardless of the seeds you decide to plant.

Are Autoflowers Better Than Feminized Seeds?

In general, if you have little planting experience or are looking for quick yields, autoflowering is a good choice for you. Plant feminized seeds if you want your harvest to produce as much and with as much potency as possible.

What is Easier to Grow Autoflower Or Feminized?

The light cycle is altered “automatically,” so the grower need not do so. Autoflower seeds are easy to grow and often stay short, squat and bushy.